Below you will find some of the many positive testimonials we receive at Dads Drive-up Diner.

The best sausage I have had west of Hackensack!
It's homemade! If we lived closer, I would eat it at least once a week :)

Beth St. Thomas

Delicious food!
Try one of his breakfast sandwiches, you'll be hooked.
The Philly Cheese Steak melts in your mouth.
Bruce buys only the best ingredients and it shows.

Mark and Betty

I've been going to Dad's off & on for about 3 years.

I usually get the Italian and absolutely love their burgers.

My son really digs the hot dogs and french fries.
Today I tried a Turkey Chipotle Wrap. DELICIOUS!!!

I will continue to go back due to the yummy food and amazingly friendly people.

Great place!


I went to Dad's over a year ago and have been back everyday since.
I love their homemade food - like no other and Linda & Bruce are the BEST!!

The ultimate in MOM & POP Restaurant!!
I always look forward to their everyday specials & Gourmet Burgers!!

Jessie T.

I love DAD's.
Their food is always fresh & deliclious.
They even cater to me on my DIET!!


DAD'S is the BEST!!
The burgers are HUGE and cooked just right.
I'll never go back to any other burger place.

John P

What a cool place !
I've been eating at Dads for over a year now and it's always been fresh and quick.

I'm a busy person and don't like fast food but Dad's is like home cooking and fast also.

Bruce and Linda are the kind of people you like to do business with they are very personable and fun.
They make all the meals, no prepacked stuff. Everything is fresh and taste good, try their shakes they are so good.


Their sign says it all.

Becky & Gary

My favorite quick place to eat

I work down the street from Dads, I’m so glad they are there, I don’t like fast food but Dads is different.

They make fresh food that’s fast, I’ve never had a bad meal there.

Breakfast is good and so is everything else. They are very nice clean people that appreciate my business. They even give me free fries now and then LOL.

Bruce goes the extra mile and buys quality food not the cheap stuff and you can tell cause it always taste good. Fast, yummy, and good for you. Your happy customer

Marc Hanses